Starting and Growing Your Podcast on WordPress

Podcasting and Building Your Brand with Jeff Large

September 18, 2019

Podcasting and Building Your Brand with Jeff Large

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A podcast is an excellent way to help build your brand. Listen is to this episode for some great tips.

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Tips to Help You When You Are Podcasting on Location

By BobWP | September 19, 2019

If you have been thinking about taking your podcast on the road, here are a few tips I learned from my own experience.

WP Podcast Snippets via BobWP

New: WP Podcast Snippets

By BobWP | September 17, 2019

Our podcast will always answer a lot of your podcasting questions. WP Podcast Snippets answers a single question.

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Always Include Your Twitter Handle When People Share Your Podcast

By BobWP | September 5, 2019

When someone shares your podcast from your WordPress site on Twitter via a social share button, are you doing it the right way?


An Interview Question from Your Podcast is a Potential Blog Post

By BobWP | August 28, 2019

If you do interviews on your podcast, you may be missing out on the fact that there are single questions that could easily be turned into a blog post.


Should You Add the Date to Your Podcast Posts?

By BobWP | August 26, 2019

There may not be a right or wrong answer here, but after exploring it further, the question is more based on should I let my listeners decide for themselves.

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How to Prepare Your Online Guests for Your Podcast

By BobWP | August 24, 2019

If you do interviews on your podcast, take a moment to make your guests as comfortable and prepared as possible.


First Steps on Starting a Podcast for Your Business

By BobWP | August 22, 2019

You are wondering if you should start that podcast for your business? This site will give you a lot to think about, but consider these options.


Should You Start a Podcast?

By BobWP | August 20, 2019

Podcasts are so popular these days. Everyone seems to be wanting to start one. Question is, should you?