How to Easily Add Icons for Your Podcast Subscriptions on WordPress

Chances are, when someone finds your podcast on your WordPress site, they may prefer to subscribe via a podcasting player or app, such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify. And you want to make that as easy as possible.

Some podcast plugins have an option for it. Or you can do some workarounds for the links.

But a lot of the subscribe and follow plugins for WordPress do not include these. Sure you can add the podcast’s Twitter or Facebook, but it doesn’t give you the options to send people to their favorite pod player.

The Social Subscribe & Follow Icons Plugin

When I started looking around, it took me a bit of time but I discovered exactly what I envisioned. And that was the Social Subscribe & Follow Icons Plugin from The Audacity to Podcast.

They look slick and work great on retina devices. You can customize the buttons and add links to wherever you need them to go.

Adding Your Subscribe and Follow Links

As you can see, this not only has all the links you might need, but also includes all the standard social platforms. So you don’t need something separate for that.

all platforms and options

Of course, you probably don’t need them all, but what’s great is that once you start placing them in widget areas or your posts, you can choose what goes where.

Also, adding a URL here is more of a global setting as you can override the URL in the widget or shortcode.

Customizing the Display Options

Here you will find several options for changing the colors, the base size, font and alignment.

Two added options here make it pretty slick.

First, they provide a visualization of what is what, so you can see what part of the icon you are changing the color.

Secondly, it has a preview at the bottom where you can see what will appear and how the icons, both static and rollover, will look.

Using the Widget

Of course, you can place these share buttons practically anywhere on your site where there is a widget or a block. And what is great is that you can choose which icons you want to appear where.

For example, you may want your podcast subscribe icons to show only on the podcast posts. Then, using something like the Widget Visibility option in Jetpack, you could add a second widget for just your social platforms and have that show in the sidebar of some of your other pages or posts.

Also, the widget allows you to override the URL that you placed in the settings. This works great if you have more then one podcast you are promoting on your WordPress site.

This is just a partial screenshot, but it offers essentially all the platforms you will find in your settings.

podcast subscribe widget

Another thing to note is that you can feature a platform. Below is the preview of what your featured icon would look like.

featured platform


You can also use shortcodes anywhere to add a single icon. In this example, I wanted to use the featured icons for a few of the platforms. Since the widget only allows one of those, I use the text widget and added the shortcodes for them.

shortcodes for podcast icons

The results on the front-end look like this in the sidebar.

I also created a subscribe page with Beaver Builder and added them there.

And using the widget itself, again, with Beaver Builder I was able to add the standard icons on the footer of all my pages.

With the option to add specific URL’s to the widget, I can list my three podcasts on BobWP Media and add the subscribe icons for each individual podcast.

Of course, do not forget you can use this for your other social icons as well.

I can be honest with you and say I am using this on all four of my sites. It’s flexible and is kept updated with the latest podcast apps and platforms.

You can get Social Subscribe & Follow Icons Plugin here.