Why You Need to Include Affiliate Disclosures and Where to Place Them on Your Podcast

There are a whole bunch of rules that the FCC has in place around ads, affiliate marketing, etc. You might think that, as a small podcaster, or someone who just makes a few bucks off affiliates, you are exempt or no one will really notice what you disclose or don’t disclose on your blog.

But never say never.

Although in a perfect world we would note each and every affiliate link, but can you imagine how our posts would read? In truth, though, as long as you make it obvious and it’s near the post with those links, I’m sure you are fine.

You need to figure out a good way to inform and comply, one that works for your site.

How We Disclose Affiliate Links on All Our Sites

Some people choose to have a statement at the end of posts, or I should say, show notes or transcripts. It’s not necessary and might be best if you rarely use affiliate links. It can become a distraction or take the place of a spot that could be better used for a call to action or something else

So instead, what we do is this.

Disclosure / Privacy Page

You should have a page similar on your site with all the privacy issues around the web these days. We combine our privacy page with our disclosures as well, and include a blurb about affiliate links here.

We also choose to have it in our footer on every page. It’s not huge, but it does the job.

We Don’t Hide the Fact that We Use Affiliate Links

Chances are you will find it obvious that we use affiliate links. We have a good reputation online and in the WordPress space, and are not part of those few affiliate marketers who ruin it for the rest of us.

We talk about monetizing blogs and podcasts a lot on our sites. We use our own experience and pass it on. So you have probably read in a post or heard me in a podcast talk about how we use affiliate links. I have no shame in that and am always happy to chat affiliate marketing.

So if you are using them yourself, make sure your listeners know that. If you are doing it right, no one will think you are scum because of it and they may pleasantly surprise you by clicking on one of your links.