Affiliate Links Checklist for Your Podcast’s Show Notes

A few times a year I spend some time working on all of my existing affiliate links. I use them on my sites for posts, podcast show notes, and in the past, podcast transcripts. You may even use them for sponsor links. And I know several podcasters who do the same thing.

It’s not unusual for a podcaster to use affiliate links for products and services mentioned or recommended.

If you are just starting your podcast on WordPress, and using affiliate links, knowing some of this stuff upfront will help you plan better.

Much of what I talk about here can only be implemented if you are using an affiliate link manager plugin with features like the ones in Thirsty Affiliates Pro. We have been using this plugin for years and could not live without it.

Give Your Affiliate Links a ‘Wellness Checkup’

I’ll warn you up front. None of this is a quick fix. But having your affiliate links organized will save you a ton of time.

Stats, Conversions and Sales

It’s pretty obvious that you should be looking at clicks on links, conversion rates from the perspective of the the vendor end of things, and the products that are bringing in the most sales. But it might be time to start doing even more:

Compare the clicks to the referral sales you are getting.

If you are seeing a lot of clicks and next to nothing sales, there is something wrong. Either: 1) you are overpromising what the product or service actually delivers and the person is disappointed once they get to the site or 2) the price may make it out of reach for your average reader. Of course, there may be a reason that is out of your control: the sales pitch may suck on the other end, the site your reader ends up on when they click though. So look that page over carefully and decide whether you are wasting your time sending readers to a landing page that is poorly built and written.

Group your affiliate links together into categories that you use for your podcast so your readers van better find and digest them.

The Thirsty Affiliates plugin lets you create categories for your links, and view reports on the click-throughs. This is helpful if you want to compare certain kinds of products and services that are attracting more clicks. For example, if you had affiliate links to a lot of WordPress plugins, group them by things like contact forms, eCommerce plugins, etc.. This helps you see what your readers are interested in. Also, group them by vendors. If you have 100 links and 10 vendors, you can easily compare one to another.

Repurpose and Boost Existing Episodes

I talk a lot about repurposing content. This strategy is useful when you are doing affiliate marketing. Consider:

Keeping an eye on high-ranking shows.

Revisit your high-traffic episodes using something like Google Analytics or your podcast stats. Find creative ways to add new links to these episode posts or replace the ones that aren’t working. You may need to tweak your show notes.

For example, let’s say you do a show with Joe Smith and he is talking about his new product, the Super Widget. Maybe one of your existing posts mention his product. Go back and expand on that part of the post then link to it.

Expanding to other mediums.

As you take your podcast into other mediums, or pull content to write separate posts, this also gives you the chance to expand the reach of your affiliate links.

Get Rid of Dead Wood

Clean up those links that are broken or don’t work anymore. Any good affiliate link manager plugin will list all of your links. Go down the list and determine if something shouldn’t be there anymore. Maybe you no longer want to recommend them. It’s too easy to add them and forget they are there. You may choose to unlink them or totally eliminate them in your show notes. It’s up to you.

Just remember. You don’t want people clicking and getting 404 errors, with no page found. That can be frustrating and you may lose them as a return reader.

That should keep you busy for awhile.

Having a plugin like Thirsty Affiliates Pro will help you will these strategies as well as others that you will fine tune for your own needs.