You spend a lot of time planning, putting your gear together and starting your podcast.

But along the way there might be things that don’t work out as you had expected.

Or something that stops you momentarily.

Or you have a few questions before you even get started.

Getting tons of downloads or thousands of listeners is not easily attainable and often requires time and patience.

You Might Have Questions Like

Is the podcast I have in mind even a good idea?

Should I upgrade my existing equipment?

How can I get the most out of show notes and transcriptions.

What can I do to promote my podcast more?

Are there tools I am missing out by using WordPress for my podcast?

Podcast Coaching – $125/hr.

I have been podcasting since 2014. Creating content using WordPress since 2007. Through the years I have taught literally thousands of people to use WordPress.

Maybe what you need is an hour with me.

If you need more, you can always come back.

Just fill out this form and I will determine if I am the one to help you.

If we agree to move ahead…

  1. I’ll send you an invoice via Stripe or PayPal for $125 for the hour
  2. You will then choose a day and time on my calendar