WordPress Themes Built for Podcasters

When you are starting your podcast and you want to build it on WordPress, you need to spend valuable time on the podcast itself. In other words, what the site looks like and how it integrates with your podcast shouldn’t consume your life.

Making it easy and having lots of flexibility is a huge factor. You can get lost in the maze of WordPress themes, but with SecondLine themes. they are built for you, the podcaster.

They have 5 themes to choose from and each one brings a unique flavor to you podcast, with tons of features to help you make your podcast the focus of you site. In this post we are looking at one of them.

Gumbo: A WordPress Theme for Podcasts

Unless you have been living in a cave, you know that the podcast industry is booming. Over the last few years we have seen yet another resurgence in this medium and podcasting is going stronger than ever. While competition is growing, so are the opportunities. As I have always said with blogs, not everyone should have a podcast. But there are clear benefits attached to having one; it all depends on your own goals.

SecondLine has four themes built specifically for podcasters. In this post, we take a look at one of them, Gumbo. Here is a shot of the homepage from their demo.

Not only can you have a single or several shows featured at the very top, you also have the option of adding the hosts of your show as well as featured guests. And, of course, a prominent spot for subscriber options.

homepage demo

I will take you through the options you will find in the customizer. We will also take a quick look at the plugins that come with the Gumbo theme. You will see in the screenshot the recommended plugins. For this post, I have added them all.

You can also import demo content if you wish.

Gumbo Theme Options in the Customizer

As you can see here, there are some specific options for the theme in the customizer that allow you to modify the look, feel and content.

theme customizer options


The header has five options you can work with.

Many users are looking for more control and flexibility in the header area and this theme  does not disappoint. As you can see, within each option, there is quite a bit you can do.

In addition to being mobile-responsive, the Gumbo theme gives you more control over the options for display. This is a critical piece, seeing how many users listen to podcasts via a smartphone or tablet.

It also includes the podcasting platforms with the social icons that you can choose from.

header options expanded


There are more options around styles and the body (content) of post and pages:

body options

If we look at each of these, we see that they are primarily focused on text and colors with a few added options.

body options expanded


Your post archive or single posts, when it comes to your shows, is probably what most people will be landing on when they visit your site.


And having more control of the look of those posts are a nice touch.

posts customers

Media Player

Moving on to something more podcast-specific, they have a nice default media player.

This theme supports multiple audio sources and plugins, such as PowerPress, Seriously Simple Podcasting [Castos], Libsyn, SoundCloud, YouTube, BuzzSprout, etc. Speaking of YouTube, it also supports videos for video podcasting or even vlogging.

You have the option of using the default player or, if you choose, the custom player from the service or plugin you are using.

default media player options


Like most themes, there are footer options as well.

footer options

Again, here are some font options, as well as choices for the number of footer widgets you want to show.

footer options expanded

Building Your Pages with Elementor

When you install this theme, you also get the free version of the page builder Elementor. Since this plugin is so robust all by itself, I am not going to walk you through every option. But as you can see, the homepage is built using Elementor, and each specific area of the homepage can be edited if you want to make any changes. For example, here is a screenshot for the Show Host section when editing it in Elementor.

elementor example

Podcasting Features

I have touched on these, but I am revisiting to highlight what stood out as I looked at this theme.


As I shared at the beginning of this post, the homepage is styled to fit perfectly with a podcast site. Having done a total of six podcasts over the years, I have always incorporated them into our existing site. But if you have the opportunity to build it out on a separate site, that is even better. This homepage pulls in and features content that is critical to the success of your podcast.

Single Episode Pages

If you look at the episode posts, the player and its related tools are front and center, which is exactly what your listeners are looking for. You can also add show notes, transcripts or any other content in the body of the post.

single episode page

Episode Pages

The Gumbo theme also has some unique ways of displaying episodes on a page. You can see your choices here.

Episode List

This option is more of a standard list but includes the player in the archive page vs. the other layouts.

episode page default

Episode Sorting

Great if you want to give your listeners an option to choose specific categories upfront:

episode sorting

Episode Mansonry

Another option with three-columns:

masonry options

Episode Archives

And the default archive page with sidebar:

episode archives

Media Player Layout Options

As noted in a previous screenshot, each episode page has the media player at the top of the page. Depending on whether you are using audio or video, you have eight options.

Starting from the top right, you can have: Standard, MixCloud, SoundCloud, External MP3 File, Audio Playlist, Vimeo Video, YouTube Video, and Local Hosted Video.

player options

Importing Your Podcast Epsiodes

If you have an existing podcast, one of the challenges can be importing it to your new theme. For any of their themes, they have made this easy with their own Podcast Importer Secondline plugin, free on WordPress.org and included as a plugin to install with the theme.

It fully supports PowerPress, Seriously Simple Podcasting and Simple Podcast Press.

It imports the episodes into existing custom post types. You can also select the categories and import the featured images. You can also set multiple import schedules and import podcast from different sources at the same time.

The Gumbo theme is truly a theme built with the podcaster in mind. With the ability to work with any of the podcast plugins and layout options that provide listeners easy access to your podcasts, it’s worth your time to explore its features. You can learn more about the Gumbo theme here.

And if you are looking for a theme for your podcast network that will display all of your shows on one site, check out their Bolden and Tusant themes.