How to Easily Add Two Podcasts to Your WordPress Site

If you have already created a WordPress site, or are thinking of one, you may be adding a podcast to it at some point. Or in fact, you might consider two podcasts on the same site. It really is the same as adding two blogs to your site.

The obvious ease comes from using a plugin that will allow you to connect to multiple feeds on your site. Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin does that. So does Blurbrry and a few others.

Separating Out Your Podcasts for Your Listeners

This is actually very simple when using categories and your custom menus in WordPress. You can categorize your podcast episodes and create buttons in your navigation bar easily separate out your blogs.

Easily Add to Blogs to a Single WordPress Site

In this older video of mine below, you will see how I show you to do this using categories to separate out two blogs on your WordPress site. Just imagine doing the same thing for your podcasts.

Video Tips

Here are a few tips I suggested in the video:

Custom Menu Widget

When creating two blogs or for the sake of this post, two podcasts , take advantage of listing them in the sidebar of any widget area using the Custom Menu widget.

Custom Sidebars

If you are creating the illusion of two podcasts laid out on your blog, you may also want to customize the sidebars for the separate podcasts.

Example: You want to list your recent episodes from one podcast in your sidebar.

Example 2: You have a book you sell that relates to the topic of one of your podcasts. You can choose which pages and posts to show it on.

As I mentioned before, the Seriously Simple Podcasts plugin makes this very easy. As you can see here, you can create series, which essentially can be separate blogs. Each one of these will have a URL that you can use in a navigation widget, or as you can see here, it has it’s own widget to separate out podcasts from a series.

In these cases you would add a custom sidebar widget. Plugins for doing this are:

Jetpack Visibility  – if you are already using Jetpack, this feature may have slipped by you. Whenever you add a widget to a widget area, you will see a Visibility button. This lets you control where the widget appears.

Content Aware Sidebarsthis plugin is also incredibly flexible for controlling your sidebars, and with the pro version it brings some features that other plugins for this functionality do not bring to the table.

Themes To Help You Create Two Blogs on a Single WordPress Site

Here are a couple ideas, again from older videos of mine, that give you an idea of how themes and page builder allow you to create two blogs, which could also be done for you podcasts.

Any theme will be able to do this. I often recommend the Genesis framework and child themes. Their homepages make it easier to organize your content and podcast episodes with an entirely widget based homepage.

If you watch this older video on doing this with category posts on one of the Genesis child themes, you can simply do the same thing with podcasts using categories.

Of course there are likely many themes out there that might provide something similar to this or another unique way of creating a custom archive page.

Page Builders To Help You Create Two Blogs on a Single WordPress Site

Now if you really want to buff up your category page, you might want to consider a page builder. There are several on the market, but my personal favorite is Beaver Builder. I will be doing a post soon that will show you how I use Beaver Builder on all three of my podcast sites.

Of course you may have already be using a page builder that you can use. Now be aware, if you are wanting two very simple separate pages for your blogs this might be overkill. But yet, you can really take this as far as you can imagine with the content and layout you could pull into the page.