Reviews are great for your podcast. But in the beginning, it’s tough to get them. In fact, it’s no walk in the park in any case, unless you are a popular podcast.

On the other hand, when you are just starting your podcast, you might have thought how useful it would be to get feedback from your listeners. Not a review, but feedback. Asking them about specifics.

  • What topics are they interested in?
  • Is there anything about the podcast that has made them reluctant to return?
  • Will they listen to future shows on your site or through an app?
  • Or simply, did they enjoy the episode?

And what if you could do this on your WordPress site?

Now I know that most people will subscribe via an app. So the audience of your site may be limited. But at the same time, you might be able to solicit the information you want vs. a standard review.

The WPHelpful Plugin for WordPress

This new plugin, WPHelpful, is pretty cool. And once you see it, you are going to discover tons of uses for it. From everything to getting feedback on other content to questions about a tutorial or course.

For this post, I am focusing on feedback for your podcast. I’ll be using the premium version to demonstrate the added features.

General Settings

Here you can see what content types you want to have it toggled on. As you can see, I have chosen the Podcast Types as I use a plugin specifically for podcast post types.

You can also choose between emojis, stars and yes/no for feedback. In addition, it can be turned on automatically for any new content and shown to non-logged-in users.

settings general

Color Defaults

You have the option to change the colors on a few aspects of the form to better match your site.


Text Defaults

You can formulate what kind of feedback you are asking for. For this example, I am asking them two things:

  • What do they like about this episode?
  • Where will they listen to future episodes?

Advanced Settings

Since this is a new plugin, I imagine more features will be added down the road. For any further customizations beyond text or colors, you will need to add some Custom Styles (CSS).


Toggling it on a Post Type

This doesn’t automatically show up on all your existing post types. Instead, you will toggle it on in the post view of your dashboard. And as I showed you in the general settings, you can toggle it on so that all new post types will automatically have it appear.

toggle it on post types

If we look at the front end, we will see what it looks like if we choose to use emojis. (or it could have been stars).

By default, it will show up at the end of your posts. But if you choose to not toggle it on, you can place it anywhere in a page or post using a shortcode.

form with emojis

The other option of course, would be if you wanted a simple yes or no:


Once you start getting feedback, you will be able to find them all in your dashboard. This one from the yes/no form option.

As I mentioned before, this is a fairly new plugin, so I imagine we will be seeing new stuff around the bend. For its first version, I will admit it’s an easy plugin to use and does the job it is supposed to, and very well.

So if you are looking to get some feedback on your podcast via your WordPress site, this is a great option. Of course, there are so many uses for this plugin, I’m sure you will discover those and even find more creative ways to use it. You can check out the WP Helpful plugin and what you will get with the premium version here.