How to Use the Featured Image in WordPress for Your Podcast

As long as I have been using WordPress, I still find so many people who are confused around the featured image. And honestly I don’t blame them.

The Basics of the Featured Image

Whether you are on a post, page or custom post type, you will see it.

So what does is exactly do? Well, I wish it was as simple as that. Your featured image can play several roles. Size and placement is dependent on your theme or even a plugin.

Your featured image may:

  • Automatically appear at the top of every post.
  • Fill up a header on the post page.
  • Show up in a variety of sizes on archive pages.
  • Appear in widget or block area.

For example, in a Genesis child theme, if you add the Genesis featured post widget to the homepage or sidebar, you will see that you can control if you show the image, the size and the alignment.

Or if you are using the page builder, Beaver Builder, if I add the post module, I get specific settings for the featured image.

So depending on your theme or plugins, there can be tons of ways to control the featured image added to a post or page.

Using the Featured Widget for Your Podcast

If you are using a podcast plugin like Seriously Simple Podcasts, or another one, when you created the post-type podcast, you will again have the same options to add a featured image.

And as I have explained already, it will be able to be used in a variety of ways on your WordPress site. Again, this will be dependent on your theme or plugin. If you look at the homepage on my site here, you will see how I used it myself with Beaver Builder.

In the podcasting specific plugin, Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, the featured image can be used in the podcast player they have. By default it will pull in the image that you set as your podcast image in the feed.

But if you embed a single show using a shortcode, and follow specific guidelines, you can replace it will the featured image.

Don’t Forget Social Sharing

If you have decided not to show a featured image on your site for your podcast, that’s okay. But that doesn’t mean you should not create and use one.

The fact is when you share your post on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, it will automatically pull in the featured image. If you don’t have one on your WordPress podcasts posts, it may even find another default image on your site that you don’t want displayed when shared.

So when it comes down to it, you should always create and use featured images with your podcast on your WordPress site.