Interlinking posts on your WordPress site is a good thing. It helps Google to understand more about your site and content. And if you have a podcast, it can be an added bonus especially if you repurpose you content a lot or write posts that directly relate to your podcast episodes that can be shared in show notes or transcripts.

But you will want to do it carefully.

Keeping Up With Those Links

If you use Yoast SEO, you probably have stared at the Orphaned content, that is all those posts or episodes with no inbound links. I know I do on our various sites. In fact, podcast episodes are likely where you will find the most. While not every post or episode needs an inbound link from within your site, still, it’s good to do when it makes sense.

If you use Yoast SEO, it shows suggestions for posts to link to. Or you could think the other way around, wondering if it might be good to link to the post you are on. Again, these are only suggestions.

4 Tips for Interlinking on Your Site

Beyond using the plugin, I have found a few other ways. Be warned that these do take time or some thought, but hey, we never said anything would be easy.

1. Give Your Current Post or Episode Some Thought

Aside from the suggestions that you might get via an SEO plugin, when you are creating a post or an episode, keep interlinking in mind. (It’s easier said than done as we often aren’t thinking beyond the creation and existing SEO for the post.)

I force myself to remember recent posts or podcast episodes and whether the one I’m working on might be a good fit. But it’s not a guarantee. You may think it is, but once you revisit your other post, nah, not so much. In any case, it’s a good habit to get into.

2. Do an Occasional Orphan Post/Episode Audit

This is where the Orphaned posts on Yoast SEO come in handy. Peruse those posts and episodes. Look at the stats and see if they need a boost. An inbound link from an older and higher ranking post on your site just might do the trick.

Also, look at the high ranking ones that are orphaned. What other posts or episodes could you link to it, but also link back, giving the older one some new juice?

This takes time, but if you set a little aside to do it on occasion, trust me, it will be worth it.

3. Don’t Adopt an Orphaned Post or Episode for the Sake of It

As I mentioned before, if it’s an orphan, it just may have been meant to be. Don’t feel sorry for it. In fact, there may be several, or even a lot of them that just don’t need it. They are good standalones and don’t need any parental guidance or connection.

4. Be Careful of Link Overload and Distractions

This is where you need to really think these links through.

First, you don’t want a site filled with dozens of interlinks that end up killing the content and message of the post, episode or even a page. Nor do you want to give your reader or potential customer a reason to get distracted. Too many shiny buttons might send them down a rabbit hole, never to return on the conversion side.

There is a lot of opportunity in both your show notes and transcripts for interlinking. Also between podcast episodes themselves.

Think through your own goals, decide what is best for your site and your visitors, and make a habit of watching out for those linking opportunities.