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New: WP Podcast Snippets

If you know me, too know that I am all about repurposing content. And that doesn’t exclude podcasts. Over the next few weeks you will see how we are branching out, both traditionally and creatively. The latter is what our WP Podcast Snippets are about.

Specific Questions Need to Be Answered

Our goal on this site, with both the podcast and the blog, is to teach you what we know about podcasting and to share what others have learned.

The podcasts we will share are packed with tips and insights from some very smart people. But there are times when you just might need a specific question answered. Or perhaps, someone else’s thoughts about it.

That’s Where WP Podcast Snippets Come In

Whenever we do anything with our content, it must meet two pieces of criteria.

Helps the readers and listeners.

Good for the growth of our site.

With WP Podcast Snippets, we will extract a specific question and answer from of our podcast episodes. This will become an episode and post in itself, although much more succinct.

It will give you a chance to get the answer from our experts, easily and quickly. Listen to it or read it.

As an example, see our first one here: Two of the Biggest Mistakes Beginner Podcasters Make.

And like our main podcast, you can subscribe to it as well.

We will be doing one or two from each full episode that will give us the chance to build a library of shorter snippets that answer a ton of podcasting questions.

Hope you enjoy this new feature of our site.