Podcast Show Notes, Transcripts and SEO

Often podcasters might view show notes and transcripts as secondary to their podcast. But if you are running your podcast on WordPress, they should be part of the production of your shows.

In this post, we talk specifically about how show notes and transcripts affect SEO and also what they bring to your listeners.. In this podcast it’s one of the questions I ask Rebecca Gill, SEO consultant.

Search Engine Optimization for Your Podcast Transcripts and Show Notes

If somebody doesn’t want to actually listen to the podcast, they can peruse the notes. There are lots of pros to it. It’s a two part question in a sense because I also want to know the SEO implications for both show notes and transcripts.

Both the show notes and the transcripts are super important. Both of them are going to help the humans who are listening, as well as the search engines. I think if you can afford to have both done, meaning time and money, I think that you should do it for every single episode.

The Perfect Podcast Preview

It allows everybody to understand the full nature of the podcast episode without actually having listened to it. From a human standpoint, those show notes are really important. Especially if you’re talking about specific points that people might want to reference.

I do my SEO podcasts and a lot of times I have references to software that I use or things Google’s talked about. So people are gonna want those links and want to quickly find it.

But then they may have listened to the episode and been like, Oh yeah, I feel like I didn’t fully grasp what she said in this section of the episode. You can go look to see if it’s in the podcast notes. And then look at the transcripts and read through it to make it more tangible and memorable.

It just helps everybody understand the nuances and the information within that podcast episode. It’s going to be really hard for anyone to grab any traction in search if they don’t have at least notes available with some good information on what the episode was about. And then transcripts will always help.

You can listen to the full podcast here: Search Engine Optimization for Your Podcast with Rebecca Gill