2020 – Insights and Actionable Tips For Starting a Podcast on WordPress

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In episode 12 of our podcast, I’m changing up the format.

When I started this site my initial thoughts were around the benefits of having your podcast on your WordPress site. In the podcasting space, there isn’t a lot of talk around this, simply because so many people starting out, or trying to grow their podcast, are doing so on one of the popular pod platforms. Because, in the end, they are looking at costs and time put into a new venture for what they consider as an additional marketing tool. Their podcast.

The fact that some of these platforms let you embed your podcasts on your WordPress site is great. But I sincerely think many of those who use WordPress that way don’t get the most out of their podcast or their site. And, of course, those that don’t have it on WordPress are really missing out.

So where am I going with this?

Interviews and Conversation Are Great, But…

I’m treading lightly here as I am a huge fan of interviews and conversations with guests. It’s what I do on my other two podcasts. And the ones I have done here have been great.

But that was not my original goal here. Now I’m sure there are some who love those interviews. I did as well. It’s wonderful to hear what they did: what succeeded, what failed.

But having spent the last month looking at the space, listening to what people are asking, and watching the chats of those who want to start one—or grow their existing one—I realized that interviews were not hitting that sweet spot.

Insights and Actionable Tips

Juggling the content here and honing in on what I think will work best, the weekly podcasts here are going to be shorter audios where you can learn one thing from me, and then move on. It will be one of two things:

  1. Short, actionable tips you can start using now
  2. Insights from my experience in running podcasts since 2014

That’s it.

I will be focusing on the power of WordPress and content —and how that will help you succeed with your podcasting efforts.

I’ll still do a video and/or post occasional content that will be more tutorial-focused. Sometimes those are better than just the audio.

I hope you enjoy this new direction. And of course, those interviews are still packed with great podcasting stuff, so don’t hesitate to dive into the archives.

Happy Podcasting