A Conversation with Amy, Tracy and Angela from Women in WP

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In episode 11 of our podcast, I had the pleasure of talking with three special guests. They are the force behind the Women in WP Podcast: Amy Masson, Tracy Apps and Angela Bowman.

This conversation is packed with so many good insights, thoughts and stories, that to quote from it here and there, wouldn’t do it justice.

We had a chance to chat about:

  • The story behind Women in WP
  • How to manage a podcast with three co-hosts
  • What has made it easier to run their podcast on WordPress
  • Why they chose to do both audio and video
  • Thoughts on the bigger strides women in tech have taken over the last few years
  • Words of wisdom around the future for women in tech

These topics led to deeper conversations and I strongly recommend that you make the time to listen to the entire episode.

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