Do You Need to Narrow Down the Topic of Your Podcast?

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You are going to start your podcast on a topic that you know. That makes the most sense. But is your focus too broad? Do you need a niche?

In a podcast this is one of the questions I asked Jeff Large from Come Alive Creative.

Your Podcast Topic and Your Desired Outcome

When it comes to the breadth of topic, does your idea align with your outcome? When we define the goals, for example, some of the clients who come to us, they want to nurture a relationship.

Let’s say you’re working with somebody in the healthcare space. Their business revolves around serving doctors and nurses in some capacity, whether it’s with a product, consulting or a service. They want to build those relationships.

In this case, something like a narrative podcast might not make as much sense. Whereas if it was an interview-based show, you could expand on those relationships. You might be able to interview your existing client base, your doctors who are in your network or maybe adjacent people who are running parallel or partner businesses with you. You will do different things in order to achieve that goal.

Growing Awareness Around Your Brand

Or maybe your goal is awareness. Do you want to grow awareness around your brand or around your product? Here you might want to approach it with the narrative show because it has more of a dynamic feel or is more story-driven or just more appealing.

Look at your podcast ranks. You may have a handful of straight interview shows that are popular, but most of them are from people that have been around for multiple years. They have some sort of clout to their name.

But in general, a lot of the new and upcoming shows, the ones that really resonate and even some of the longstanding shows, they have a dynamic nature to them. Whether it is a news magazine feel or just a straight story or true crime, which happens to be a huge hot topic right now.

So it’s more along those lines of making sure that their idea happens to align with it and it’ll actually get the returns that they’re hoping for.

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