Two of the Biggest Mistakes Beginning Podcasters Make

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It’s always good to get tips to help you avoid certain mistakes when you are starting something new. Podcasting is no different.

In a recent podcast, I asked Craig Hewitt what he felt was one of the bigger mistakes he sees when people are starting their first podcast.

Two Tips for Beginner Podcasters

Tackling Too Much

One is over-complicating all of it and asking too many questions of yourself like, do I need to get transcripts, am I recording video and putting it on YouTube.

They are spending hours and hours and hours on every episode, which just burns you out too quickly. So I think to say for your brand and the content you want to peruse, find that 80/20 spot. The 20% of the effort that creates 80% of the results, just to get started.

The reality is this: nobody is going to listen to your first episodes anyhow until you really get some consistency in a following. So just start.

Do a Test Episode

Some people fall into a trap where they record their first ever audio recording as a live episode.

Imagine you and I getting on this the first time we’ve ever recorded a podcast and realizing the microphone’s not plugged in or you don’t have it selected in your recording tool as the proper mic. Or the microphone is a foot and a half away from your mouth so it doesn’t really pick up anything.

Do some kind of a dry run with your exact gear and setup and everything. Just something that you’re gonna throw away. Call a friend, talk to him about the football game last weekend, record it, and then go back and listen to it and say, oh, this was good, or this was weird.

Let me find out how to make my voice sound better. Or the input volume needs to be higher. Or I forgot to use headphones and there’s all this reverb and echo from my computer speakers. Outputting the volume and the podcast and you might picking it up.

All of these things are things that if you don’t do a dry run and you get into an interview with somebody, you realize quickly how you screwed up all of these things. So your first episode stinks. It’s an easy thing to avoid by doing a dry run and having someone listen to it with you. From there you will improve on your first episodes.

Listen to the full episode:

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