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Should You Podcast Daily?

podcast daily

I was in a Facebook podcasting group the other day and someone was asking others if they podcasted daily. Of course several came in boasting of their accomplishments. It so reminded me of the blogger that has to call themselves a daily blogger.

The Label of ‘Daily Podcaster’

Honestly, this is a dangerous label to attach to yourself. In fact, it may cause more stress than anything else you might call yourself.

Why does someone want to label themselves as a daily podcaster? Is it to boast a little? To attract more readers? To make themselves stand out from the thousands of other podcasters?

Or perhaps they honestly just have it in their heart to podcast daily. To help more people. To share content or news in shorter snippets.

I cannot say for sure. That can only be decided by the podcasters themselves.

Stuff Happens

The real danger of daily podcasting is this: stuff happens. Life happens. Those twists and turns in the personal and business sides of our lives. You may get sick, or—worse yet—hospitalized.  Maybe a new job throws you off your schedule. Or you just get tired and need a break. You slip in a few non-podcasting days and hope no one will notice and you lose your status as a daily podcaster.

Should You Do It? Is It Worth It?

Let’s step back and go beyond that label. There may actually be a method to your madness.

A lot of people will argue against daily podcasting.

Should you opt for quality or quantity? Because more is not always better.

There is some truth here. You shouldn’t become a daily podcaster for the wrong reasons sake and force yourself into doing short, trite snippets of audio, forced content that you hope leaves the impression of a useful podcast.

Because let’s face it. Good podcasting that teaches, inspireS or entertains, is hard work. And that’s just the content. What about the production, the marketing. Trust me; no one knows that better than myself.

But like most things, it all depends on what your goals are. You may think daily podcasting will increase traffic, improve your ranking, even lead to more conversions. Yes, it may. Or maybe not. There are just too many variables and you really need to find that sweet spot for yourself. I cannot guide you into a perfect situation.

Podcasting Isn’t the Only Content You Can Create

I have never podcasted daily. Yes, blogged daily. But never podcasting. It may come close as we have some ideas for this site and the fact that I have two other podcasts. No matter what, I would never want to label myself as one.

Yet, creating a lot of content is essential for our business model. All our of sites, our blogs and podcasts are our business. It has helped us with our traffic, ranking and the overall success of our oldest site.

What is the Answer?

You are going to find what content works. And the kind of schedule that will meet your goals. Aside from out other two sites, our plan here is this.

  1. Continue with the main podcast
  2. Create our tutorials with written content, screenshots and a video.
  3. Still put out our podcast snippets
  4. Add audio to our tips like this post and make them a separate podcast

We have always created a ton of content, it’s just packaged differently.

It really is a matter of finding what your audience wants, whether they are potential customers, clients or simply your fans. Deliver, the rest will take care of itself.

Whatever you do, don’t set your sites too high. That can end up burning you out. Find your sweet spot and run with it.