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Sponsor Our Podcast

I going to make this simple. If you are looking to reach an audience that is interested in products and services that will help them build and grow their podcast on a WordPress site, this show hits that market.

What is Podcasting with WordPress?

This is a brand new podcast. What will I be talking with about my guests? There are really three areas:

  1. Podcasters who run their podcast on WordPress
  2. Products and services that help podcasters on their WordPress site
  3. Insights into the bigger picture of marketing, SEO, etc. based on podcasting.

As a Sponsor, What Do You Get?

To be honest, we are still working out the details, including how many per show, cost, etc. But at this point in time, if you are interested, you can expect recognition with:

  • Pre-roll
  • Mid-roll
  • Post-mention
  • Recording of ad roll by BobWP (the same ad roll is used for the duration of your sponsorship)
  • Logo placement above the content/below player on each sponsored podcast post
  • Link at end of post
  • Logo in sidebar on post and podcast archive pages
  • Logo under the player on the show post itself
  • Ad rolls in the transcript
  • Several shares of the show on social the day of and the following week (total online connections 19k+)

Sponsored Posts

We are also willing to package in a sponsored post on our site here as well. You can choose that in the form below.

As we mentioned, we are still setting our prices, but are willing to talk to you to find something that would work as we get this new podcast on its legs.

Just use this form and we will get back to you shortly.