Always Include Your Twitter Handle When People Share Your Podcast

Whether or not you use a social share plugin on your podcast site is totally up to you. I’m not here to debate the pros and cons. But if you do have your podcast on your WordPress site, consider it.

A Twitter Tip for Your Podcast Episodes

When people go to share your podcast episode by clicking on the Twitter icon, something like this typically shows up.

What I want you to take note of is my twitter handle of my podcast is highlighted at the end. This is exactly what I see missing on so many podcasts, and yes posts, when I share.

Why Is That Twitter Handle Important?

Good question. There , and there are two reasons.

  1. It identifies who the original post came from.
  2. It gives someone the opportunity to click on your twitter handle, see who you are and possibly follow you.

Honestly, I think those are two good reasons.

When It Doesn’t Matter

If you are not on Twitter, you can quit reading this now.

How To Add Your Handle

Unfortunately, I cannot show you how to do this with every social share plugin, nor can I say they all have this option. But if your shared tweets aren’t including your Twitter handle, you might dig into the plugin settings a bit. But here is where you will find it with the Social Warfare plugin and Jetpack’s sharing settings.

Social Warfare

Site Identity > Twitter Username

Jetpack Sharing Module

Settings > Sharing > Twitter Site Tag

So there you have it. Get this set up with your social share plugin so I can easily share your podcast episode. And let’s face it. Many of your time-challenged readers won’t share your stuff if it isn’t easy to do.