We have personally worked with tons of nonprofits over the years and understand their limitations with resources. But at the same time, as new digital mediums grow, many of them that would be ideal for nonprofits have yet to blossom.

Podcasting is one of those. I brought on Michele Ames from GiveWP on the podcast to talk about this more. She has worked with numerous nonprofits and totally gets it. I wanted to put together this post from this episode on some do’s and don’ts when it comes to nonprofits and podcasting.

What to Do When Podcasting for Your Nonprofit

Let’s talk about some of the do’s first. Do focus on what you provide in terms of services and and goods to people. Talk about what you do and what you do well and focus on your goal. Focus on your mission by telling people how you meet that pain point of your community.

If the pain point in your community is we need to have a big hospital and parents need a place to stay, then that’s what your pain point is. If you have a lot of homeless dogs, that’s your pain point. Let’s find a place to put them and find them homes. So how do you meet that pain point and solve that problem in your community?

Include interesting items. Get interesting people on your podcast. Tell the stories of people you have served. If you go to the Ronald McDonald House website, for example, you’re going to see stories of kids and families that were served by the Ronald McDonald House and how it was instrumental in helping them get through a difficult time.

If you go to animal shelter websites that are doing a good job telling stories, you’re going to see the smiling faces of those kids with their new dogs, right? So you’re going to see those awesome things and you want to make sure with any website, with any social media, with any podcasts, that you’re providing those value points. So you want to make sure you’re doing that. But the don’ts are way more fun to talk about.

What You Shouldn’t Do with Your Nonprofit Podcast

Don’t focus solely on the fundraising and asking for money. Don’t stay on one track. Your our podcast, however often you’re doing it, shouldn’t always be just about the same thing. Don’t always talk to volunteers. It shouldn’t be the volunteer podcast.

It should be about everything that you do and all the different people that you talk to. The number one rule: don’t be boring because boring will not get people to come back. Make sure that you’re paying attention to obvious things like your enunciation. Make sure people can understand what you’re saying.

Then make sure it’s out there in a way that people can find it, follow it and listen to it.

You can listen to the full episode here: Podcasting for Nonprofits with Michele Ames